Having A Success Mindset By Acceptance Of The Metaphysical Secret Law of Attraction

You can count on the Holy Spirit– your inner divine Guide– your natural Self, bringing all your wild substitutions and insane projections, which you’ve placed outside yourself, to the truth.

Yes, this is the metaphysical secret know one’s told you about.

It is the truth of who and what you are, with no need of substitution, that restores you to reason and allows you to see the error of that illusion as unreal.

Go ahead, right now: Take a look at yourself while considering this metaphysical secret. You won’t see yourself outside anywhere, unless it is a reflection or a projection.

Even in your relationships, where the Holy Spirit has taken charge of everything, He has set the metaphysical secret pathway for you to go inward to the truth you share with these individuals.

Sooner or later the projection will end if relationship healing is necessary due it being based on images.

The Truth about Guilt and Fear

In the insane world outside of you, nothing is shared and is always substituted; and substituting and sharing have nothing in common in the real world. Within yourself is the real world, and is the metaphysical secret of the oneness you share with your brothers/sisters.

Nothing is assumed or projected, here.

This place where you know the truth to be is your holy ground, where fear and guilt substitutes are unheard of. This holy ground, as translated by the Holy Spirit, is where you are joined with your Creator, your Source of life.

That original error in the symbolic Garden of Eden has never been a threat to your own holiness, nor ever will be.

In this place of holiness– the metaphysical secret for a success mindset, that is your reality, the real you, is the radiant light of Truth in which the Holy Spirit has committed your relationships.

Allow Him to bring the relationship here, where it can be a real success mindset.

Secret Law of Attraction

Just give Him the truth by showing no need for substitutes. That of which is truly within you, the substance of who you are, or Heaven, has not a single substitute.

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “Within each of us separation is truly nonexistent, where separation is not possible.”

The reality of you and me, along with everyone else, is God’s One Creation. It is not split apart into fragments. When you accept that separation is made, and not created, you begin operating by the metaphysical secret of a success mindset.

It’s this simple:

We are firmly joined in truth that can only be of God, and God certainly doesn’t make errors. He does understand that very first error that built all other errors based on fear and guilt, and it is okay.

The reason it’s okay is that God doesn’t accept a substitute in place of you, because it wouldn’t be real. Because it’s an illusion you made, he doesn’t even see it.

A Course in Miracles helps us more clearly see that, God has overlooked this illusion by only seeing you as beyond it, which is forgiveness.

Try to see His Thought as being beyond our illusions and is what holds His One Creation together.

Illusions Fade Away

Our relationships with one another which are within the One Thought of God are whole, and beautiful, and truthful, and is the secret law of attraction. This is safety, and all illusions are gently brought to the truth, where they simply fade away.

By acceptance of this psychology of success you become open to the metaphysical secret law of attraction, with a success mindset that makes it no longer a secret.

This of how you feel in Truth. Isn’t it a strength so powerful you can’t describe?

This is the Universe within each of us standing as one. No, it’s not a secret, but it is Heaven, and there is no substitute.

To living with a metaphysical secret success mindset!

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